September 2nd, 2008

Tuesday 2nd

soundtrack: zero 7 – the space between, I still love this.

At school it’s the lecture week that starts every year and brings together new BA students and old. My favourite week of the year, perhaps. But so exhausting! One wouldn’t think that just sitting and listening to six different guests a day would be, but it is. I could fall asleep everyday when I get home, happily, filled with new thoughts.

The guest speakers are different designers, but also artists, philosophers, musicians etc. all telling about their work and ideas. One of today’s highlights was Anima Boutique. I love the Everyday Questions (that always happens to my ears when flying). Oh and check out the guys. Just noticed that the last of the clips (tram spotting) is from the tram stop in front of my house!

Tomorrow is typo-guests -day!

A really good description of the type&media masters course in KABK.

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