August 19th, 2008


You think you’ll fall apart, but it’s just that new startAne Brun/Gillian

The last song she sang on Sunday, my new favourite. That show made my festival. Nina Kinert was there also, singing backing vocals. I like her stuff too; Pets&Friends makes me smile.

Sometimes just writing things out helps. And music. And red shoes (or red hairbands). Something tiny shifts a little. I think it’s time to start letting go completely.

P.S. I updated the portfolio a bit.

interesting interview on business side of being an artist

3 Responses to “new”

  1. maria Says:

    good to hear! I liked that interview too, always good to read that kind of stuff:) nice news in your portfolio!

  2. gin Says:

    I’m absolutely loving all of your photo pairs. so beautiful and simple…

  3. sia Says:

    I need to start letting go as well… :-(

    + you’ve been tagged! go to my blog for details – feel free to play along, if you’re not into it, it is OK.

    groeten uit Amsterdam

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